It facilitates your communication with your customers

Send personalized bulk newsletters by segmenting your communication to be in touch with your customers and to get its loyalty


Email Marketing’ Keys

Email marketing as a loyalty tool

You will reach your target audience by creating easily your own newsletters. Newsletters are an essential tool to be in touch with your customers. You will get a direct contact with your customers by emailing. This tool is an opportunity to get information: tentative offers, amazing promotions, recommendations or simply reminders to let your public know that your business is still active. It is an opportunity to make the most of your strategy, by making it more visible, effective, and profitable. You will see the results soon.

  • Engage customersEngage customers

    Keep in touch with your audience and create a stable and long-lasting relationship with them. Send updated information about your products and company to your customers, and keep them informed continuously.

  • Segment your audienceSegment your audience

    By targeting your audience, based on their characteristics. You will be able to offer them what they demand!

  • AnalyzeAnalyze

    Value the results of your sent e-mails such as newsletters, promotions, catalogues… You will be able to know easily what your customers want.

Create your own newsletter

Awaken your creativity!

Newsletters allow you to keep in touch with your customers, entice them with offers, promotions and remind them constantly that your company is always available. Create your own newsletter and send it to all your contacts in a few steps.
Cree su propio boletín

  • Customize newsletters

    Customize emails, you can choose colours, shapes, fonts and sizes. You can also enjoy predesigned templates.

  • Segment your audience

    Select your addressee according to your objectives. You must target your audience, based on key characteristics, such as province, age or sex… . Also you can create categories like “people who love coffee”… The possibilities are endless.

  • Results

    Do you want to know who have opened your emails, when your public have done it and where they have clicked on? Mandoo lets you know all these information on a regular way. It lets you know your real time investment status!

Get your audience’s attention

Listen and make yourself heard, the emailing is at your fingertips.

Through doMail you are able to do a huge variety of things. It is an useful tool at the communication area. It improves the relationship client-company. Some of the things you can do with doMail are:
Get your audience's attention

  • Reports

    Send relevant information about your company: you can send newsletters, catalogues, rates, or promote your new products, send offers, promotions and recommendations.

  • By yourself

    You are able to automatize responses like acknowledgments, confirmations to customers or communicate them your events.

  • Segment

    You can segment your emails by groups previously created by yourself.

  • Link

    Link your contacts in social networks, and jump on the bandwagon of e-commerce.

  • Get loyalty

    Adjust to customer needs to get its loyalty and to reach new customers.

Statistical Dates

Analyze results and refine your strategy

Instant results. You can know your campaign status at any time. You will be able to take everything under control in real time.
Statistical Dates

  • Contact results


  • General Mail analyze

    Sent (%)
    Opened/Unopened mails
    Emails opened/hour
    Clicks on links
    Bounces / Complaints

  • Analize for a mail

    Sent (%)
    Opened mails
    Emails opened/hour
    Clicks on links
    Bounces / Complaints

  • Clicks

    When your have audience clicked?
    How many times have they done it?

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